Masons Speak

  • Satish Kumar Tile Master Program has not only honed our skills but also taught us how to present and talk. Our lifestyle is now completely changed and now I am very popular in the market with the types of tools I use. Our network has also grown.
  • Ratan Kumar People come to watch our work. We have enough work for the next 3 months. We were working before but our efficiency and quality has changed drastically with good work. People are willing to pay money.
  • Chaitram Since when I joined this training program, I came to know about tools which save our time and reduced wastage of the product. After this training program I had told about this in market to our contractors and other masons and updated them about various tile master toolkits and their advantages. Previously we were using old products which were time consuming and also i have seen increment in the pay around 3-4% as compared to previous pay. Now i am living a happy life with my family.

Tile Masons

Ameya Says

Empowering the unskilled youth and reviving the traditional skills of our country will accelerate India’s economic growth.